Installing Apps on your Domain

Besides WordPress, there are literally hundreds of apps and CRM systems that you can install on your website installation.  Examples of this include things such as Magento, AbanteCart, OpenCart, Cube Cart and much much more.   There are a few ways to install these applications.  The easiest way to install them is to utilize the Cpanel in the hosting account of your website.  With this method, it is a one step click to install the application into the location on your domain as you prefer.

Another option is to use the FTP of the system to install the application using, a more manual method which is to move the files on your host via FTP and then deploy then deploy the application and configure it for your specific needs.

The third option for those who do not have access to a Cpanel on their hosting is to utilize a great little website called Installatron to install the application for you via the FTP.

Of course, for most people, the best way is not to deal with any of that and to simply contact the team at Oahin and we can configure your web applications for you.

Contact us today and we will provide a fast and affordable website development solution for you.




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