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If your site is running slow, we are able to work with you to speed it up.  In order to get the speed up and to increase the ability of the site to rank higher in the search engines we and tweak all of the code and the images to be as efficient as possible.   Without affecting the look of the site we reduced the size of the files that are loading by approximately 40%.

Some of the reasons that a site can run slow vary, some of the factors are listed below.

  1. Images that are too large for the website.  Taking up unnecessary space on your server and delivering huge files to the users.
  2. Lack of Caching on the website.  Caching anticipates what the user is likely to click on next and has the new pages ready to go quickly.
  3. Unnecessary plugins – You need a lean mean WordPress machine.  we know how to go thru all of the functions of your site and turn off the resource hogs that you do not need for your site to function.  Leading to faster speeds.
  4. Setting up a CDN – Content delivery network.  This will help to speed up a site by offloading the most common tasks to a server run by Google.  These are files that are common on many websites and instead of taking them from your website, the computer will request those common files from Google instead.
  5. Too many requests.  We can minimize the number of requests that the website makes so that it loads more efficiently.
  6. The HTML contains repetitive code.  We can use WordPress optimization to remove the excess code so that the site has just what it needs and nothing more.

Does your site need an overhaul to speed it up?  Contact us today and we can take a look at your page and give you an estimate for speeding it up.  We guarantee to at least double the speed of your WordPress website for a very affordable price.


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